Ore Lights

The Ore collection revolves around Earth’s rich raw materials, exposing their splendor in a subtle way. It represents “Mother Nature” at its finest: organic, raw, refined and luxe.
Ore combines 3 main elements: marble, brass and glass, where they are assembled in different compositions to compliment one another. Its design takes a minimalistic approach where all shapes are kept simple and geometric; allowing the materials to speak for itself; and form the optimum blend between raw and rich beauty. Ore creates an impact whether glowing with lights; or turned off as a decorative element celebrating its materiality.

Production (Hand-Built)

Our products are hand-built by the finest craftsmen with a specialised lifetime experience. An integral part in our process is that we work closely with traditional craftsmen to create products that contain an ideal fusion of heritage and contemporary design. It is of our greatest interest to revive ancient techniques and craft processes; and re-introduce them into a new context. We take pride that our products are locally manufactured and support our local artisans.

**Each piece is handcrafted to the smallest detail, Individually assembled and finished by hand.

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